what is freedive training

What freedive training is and why we are the best freedive training providers?

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We have learned it the hard way, so you don't have to repeat our mistakes! After eleven years of professional freediving, we have developed training cycles and sets that can boost your performance faster and safer than you could ever imagine. And Freedive Training is the way to share it with you!

How it all started?

Matt trained various sports all his life when at age of 15 he discovered freediving and fell in love with it. He started to train it when he was 22 years old. Samo was competitive swimmer all his life and transitioned into freediving in his early 20s. Matt and Samo met in 2010 in Dahab. Since then, we became very good friends, sharing knowledge and experience about our freediving journey. We went to many world championships and international competitions together. Witnessed our successes and failures, as there were many. The key to progress in all areas in our life is to learn from mistakes and not repeat them. We achieved that through numerous emails and Skype calls where we evaluated and discussed new training techniques. After a couple of years we started to progress. Samo’s professional swimming background and Matt’s curious nature were a perfect combination. Back in the days, there was not too much information available about freedive training. Until today people at all levels of freediving are very often lost when it comes to make a consistent plan that will result in a peak performance in a desired time of a year.

The evolution of freedive training

For 11 years as we trained, we always talked that it would be awesome to have a coach who would tell us what to do. It is very hard to think about perfect training, execute it and have confidence that it is the right thing to do, especially when competition doesn’t go according to our plan. We doubt us and the coach inside us. Matt remembers Samo in 2011, in Kalamata when he had lung squeeze issues with not deeper than 60, 70 or 80m. Matt despite huge potential, was giving up dives when it mattered, during world championship due to wrong timing of training. We learned our lessons, we figured it out! Now we both dive below 110m deep, we beat world records, score medals of all colors at both pool & depth world championships and Matt is one of the best pool divers in history of freediving.

Freedive Training for your success

Now we decided to pass our knowledge, experience and create this website for you about freedive training. You will be able to skip that few years of experimenting, what works, what not, pick a plan suitable to your level, time availability and just train, following the plan designed by us. By the way, we are training the same way… It means you will be training like a champion.

We know that not everyone has a time to train five or six times a week to be a champion. Do not worry, when we started, we trained as little as two or three times a week. That’s why in lower tiers of difficulty levels, we carefully selected exercises that will give the most benefits, towards maximizing your performance, while you are able to train only two or three times a week.

Mateusz Malina & Samo Jeranko