static apnea training program

New Static Apnea Training Program

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We are very pleased to announce that there is a new Static Apnea Training program in our portfolio. It is a thirteen weeks-long program with five to six separate sessions per week. We have been in many situations when planing our top performance on a specific day of the year was crucial. Therefore we put our ten years of knowledge and skills in this program to help you progress smarter and peak your performance in the last week of this program.

Program contents

There are dry static, dry apnea walks, pool static sessions and aerobic endurance sessions inside the program. In light of the current global events with coronavirus, the program can be adjusted completely to dry training. And honestly speaking this is the way both of us train these days.

What will you improve?

It is focused solely on static apnea. Therefore you can expect to boost your static performance, to improve your chest flexibility and push your hypoxic tolerance higher than you could ever imagine. 

Do I need access to the pool?

The weekly program can be executed completely dry! What is amazing these days. Of course, when the global situation improves, we recommend one water session per week.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Noseclip, wetsuit, swimming goggles and regular jogging outfit.