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5 tips for your winter Freediving Training

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For many of us, September is the time when the summer season is approaching its end. And at the same time, freedivers and spearfisherman start wondering how to keep their freediving endurance and start the new season even stronger. Therefore, the end of September is a perfect moment to make plans for your winter training. We prepared 5 tips for you on what to train during the winter. 

1. Build up your endurance

Start your new training season by building up your overall endurance. It will prepare you for more challenging workouts in the second half of the year. Chose between swimming, running, cycling, rowing and hiking. At least 3x per week for one hour.

2. Stretching and relaxation

As a freediver, you never have enough flexibility. You should be able to recognize where you have some room for improvements and work on it. It could be your ability to stay relaxed in the streamline position, chest flexibility for deep diving, or legs flexibility for better technique. We suggest to start your days off with a morning stretching session. 

Another important thing is to work on your mental strength. Learn new techniques such as meditation and visualization.

3. Pool training

Don’t forget about your pool training. You must stay in touch with the water at least once a week. Your sessions should focus on CO2 training and some SUB maximum dives. If you don’t do swimming for your base training then spent at least 30 minutes of swimming freestyle breathing on every fifth stroke.

4. Strength training

Strength is an important aspect for all freedivers. If you don’t have any strength training experiences start with bodyweight exercises, pilates and planks. These exercises are great to start with! If you are already familiar with GYM workouts then continue with building up your strength endurance.

5. Recovery

Always keep in mind that recovery is the most important part of your training. Planning your recovery is usually the hardest thing to do. Make sure you have enough sleep and good nutrition. It will help you to train more and recover faster.