William Joy

William Joy broke Chinese Freediving Records

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In December 2019 Matusz Malina was invited to China by Linda Liu on behalf of Enzo Zhao, owner of the biggest Chinese freediving school - OneBreath to conduct a series of freediving masterclasses. Enzo does a great job popularizing freediving in China, attracting a lot of people into a sport, and further improving their knowledge.

William was one of the course participants who recently sent Mateusz a message, being happy about his progress since the class. He learned a lot and is happy to share his progress. He broke multiple national and continental records since then and most likely will continue to do so. We must specify here that although Mateusz passed a lot of knowledge during the class, it’s just the knowledge and experience, this alone will not make you a better diver. However, you need to know how to train, regenerate, and treat your body in the most efficient way. Putting things into action, execution of training, and knowledge in practice is what made such progress possible. We were amazed when we read it, it was definitely the most positive message in this 2020 year we have...

PBs as of December 2019 (before the masterclass)

  • DYN 175m
  • DNF 137m
  • DYNB 185m
  • STA 7:02

PB as of October 2020 (current time)

  • DYN 270m (Asia first man to reach 270m)
  • DNF 195m (China ex-NR of 146m, current NR is 150m)
  • DYNB 220m (Asia first man to reach 220m)
  • STA 8:10 mins (China NR)

We are very happy and hope to see William at the next World Championships. Keep doing what you do!