Samo Jeranko is temporary taking over the Freedive Training

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Please be notified that in the period from May 2021 to March 2022, Mateusz Malina is off from Freedive Training project. During this time period, Samo Jeranko will continue to run the programs and give you all needed guidance and pass the knowledge. Mateusz will be back on board in April and is looking forward to working with you again! Dive safe, Mateusz Malina

William Joy

William Joy broke Chinese Freediving Records

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In December 2019 Matusz Malina was invited to China by Linda Liu on behalf of Enzo Zhao, owner of the biggest Chinese freediving school – OneBreath to conduct a series of freediving masterclasses. Enzo does a great job popularizing freediving in China, attracting a lot of people into a sport, and further improving their knowledge. William was one of the course participants who recently sent Mateusz a message, being happy about his progress since the class. He learned a lot and is happy to share his progress. He broke multiple national and continental records since then and most likely will …

winter training

5 tips for your winter Freediving Training

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For many of us, September is the time when the summer season is approaching its end. And at the same time, freedivers and spearfisherman start wondering how to keep their freediving endurance and start the new season even stronger. Therefore, the end of September is a perfect moment to make plans for your winter training. We prepared 5 tips for you on what to train during the winter.  1. Build up your endurance Start your new training season by building up your overall endurance. It will prepare you for more challenging workouts in the second half of the year. Chose …

spearfishing training program FB

New Spearfishing Training Program

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There is a good news for our spearfishing followers! You can find a new program in our portfolio – Spearfishing Training Program It is a ten weeks program designed for those who wants to boost their spearfishing endurance. Each week consist of 4-5 training sessions. Two of them are apnea workouts, two of them are endurance training and one is strength. In addition to that a subscriber also receive the static apnea weekly tables. Beside actual training session, training plan includes guidelines for stretching, nutrition and breathing techniques for boosting your spearfishing endurance. The price is 135 EUR for a …

freedive training at freedive cafe

Mateusz Malina & Samo Jeranko guests at Freedive Cafe

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Our team was a guest at the leading freediving podcast – Freedive Cafe. The podcast is run by Donny Mac who is hosting top freedivers and people who relates to freediving. If you missed the episodes, you can find and listen to them on the links bellow. Mateusz Malina – Samo Jeranko –

Freedive Training Facebook Live

Freedive Training Live Stream events

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Don’t miss the opportunity to join Freedive Training Live Stream events on Facebook! Mateusz Malina and Samo Jeranko are preparing some very attractive topics that will cover nutrition, static and dynamic disciplines, deep diving and recovery. The first live stream will be on Thursday 2nd of April at 18.00 CET First topics and dates 2/4/2020 at 18.00 CET – What it takes to hold your breath over 10min? 9/4/2020 at 18.00 CET – Lessons learned about squeeze, depth adaptation and DCS 16/4/2020 at 18.00 CET – The story behind 316m DYN 23/4/2020 at 18.00 CET – Nutrition & recovery

static apnea training program

New Static Apnea Training Program

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We are very pleased to announce that there is a new Static Apnea Training program in our portfolio. It is a thirteen weeks-long program with five to six separate sessions per week. We have been in many situations when planing our top performance on a specific day of the year was crucial. Therefore we put our ten years of knowledge and skills in this program to help you progress smarter and peak your performance in the last week of this program. Program contents There are dry static, dry apnea walks, pool static sessions and aerobic endurance sessions inside the program. …


FREE dry apnea training programs

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Do you #StayHome these days? Well, our team had to jump out of the swimming pools as well and stay at home. It also means we had to adjust our training programs to dry training. And here is a good thing for all of you who are wondering how to structure your dry training routine! We are giving you our weekly dry training program with all descriptions  for free! It doesn’t require any sophisticated equipment, only a place to walk around and lay down. Feel free to let us know how it goes and don’t forget to follow us on …

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4 tips how to start training freediving

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1. Safety The main, mandatory characteristic of freediving is safety. When you train freediving, you want to be relaxed. The only way to achieve full mind relaxation is being aware that someone is watching you while you are freediving. It is a team sport. During our entire carrier, we never freedive alone. 2. Equipment Depending on your level, sometimes having just swimsuit and swimming googles is enough. Even at elite level, sometimes freedivers use only those two pieces of equipment. We will list all the equipment that can be used during our training: noseclip – most of freedivers use nose …

what is freedive training

What freedive training is and why we are the best freedive training providers?

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We have learned it the hard way, so you don’t have to repeat our mistakes! After eleven years of professional freediving, we have developed training cycles and sets that can boost your performance faster and safer than you could ever imagine. And Freedive Training is the way to share it with you! How it all started? Matt trained various sports all his life when at age of 15 he discovered freediving and fell in love with it. He started to train it when he was 22 years old. Samo was competitive swimmer all his life and transitioned into freediving in …